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October Campout at Camp Lakewood RV Park in Effingham, IL

Fall foliage surrounding lake.

Everyone had arrived by Thursday afternoon, and we went to Niemerg’s Steakhouse on the recommendation of the Camp Lakewood staff.

Group at a table eating dinner.

Friday morning was a perfect time for enjoying a beautiful fall day and sharing conversation over a cup of coffee. 

3 men sitting drinking coffee doing a fist bump.

Lunch was at another popular Effingham eatery - the Gabby Goat Pub & Grill. The glorious afternoon was an ideal time to visit The Cross at the Crossroads and Visitor Center. A 10-minute video showed the interesting process of steel fabrication to form The Cross. The dedication was held shortly after September 11, 2001. Our chili cookoff Friday evening was held outside. Colorful fall items decorated the tables.

People gathered outside trying food.

Eight pots of chili were tested. Paul Jensen’s Mediterranean- style chili was selected as the best! Dorothy presented him with a certificate and Chef’s hat. Congratulations, Paul!

Group of people gathered at tables eating.

The fun continued with several games led by Dorothy Zander and Kathy & Joe Batts. Saturday morning we enjoyed donuts during the meeting. We then carpooled to My Garage Corvette Museum.

Group standing in front of a car at My Garage Corvette Museum

Rain kept us inside during the afternoon. In the evening, a group of members dined at Firefly Grill and another group dined at Cracker Barrel. On Sunday morning everyone headed out, most going home and a few continuing their travels elsewhere. A good time was had by all!

Dock in tree surrounded lake.


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