MO: Chief Winnies

I hope everyone is staying safe during this long, hot, strange summer. We certainly missed GNR this year. We didn’t get to see happy campers from around the country, visit with our state Winnies, or even eat a walking taco. Fortunately, the Chief Winnies had planned a trip to Door County, Wisconsin, in conjunction with GNR, and we were still able to make that trip. Eight coaches stayed at the Countryside Motel & RV Park in Sturgeon Bay and we had a great time running around the peninsula. There were trolley rides, wine and cheese tasting tours, state park visits, several shopping excursions, and a fish boil dinner at the Old Post Office restaurant. We had some of the best times just sitting around talking, especially when there was a campfire and s’mores involved. And the 70 degrees temperatures made everything even better. We finally got to meet our new member, Laura Robinson, and her friend Mary Beth. I hope they can both join us more often now. The only downside to this trip was leaving our two Yorkies, Max and Gus, at home. We’ve been missing them every day, especially after seeing the five other little dogs that came here with our group.

Our next campout is at the Lazy Days RV Park in Danville, Missouri August 14-16. The Cordts and the Heckerts are hosting and some of the planned activities involve cheap wine tasting and Mexican food. Sounds like fun to me! Call 572-564-2949 if you haven’t made your reservation yet.

Our caravan on the Oregon Trail to Nebraska starts on September 20th. We’ll spend six nights at the Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing RV park and make day trips from there around western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming. Dates and campgrounds are posted in this newsletter. We hope you’ll join us. As we’ve said before, all of these campouts and caravan plans are on a day-to-day basis. We’re watching this virus and local restrictions and will cancel them if deemed necessary. The shortened baseball season has started. I hope the MLB is able to do it safely because it sure will be nice to watch them play again, even with the empty stadiums. The NFL is making progress in their talks to keep the players safe too. It’s been a long time since we watched that never-to-be-forgotten Super Bowl game. We can’t wait to see Mahomes bring it to us again.

Happy trails! I hope you stay safe whatever you do and wherever you go.

Bill Walworth


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