MO: Chief Winnies

President's Message - Bill Walworth

What do you call grandparents on a camping trip? Nappy Campers!! What's the best way to burn calories while camping? Toast marshmallows! The way this year has been going, I thought we could all use a little bit of humor. Our June campout in Nevada, Missouri, was a bright spot though. We had thirteen coaches at the Osage Prairie RV Park. We also added two new members, John Stoner & Becky Winchester. Welcome, John & Becky!

We played bingo and did some exploring in Nevada, but mostly this group of friends just likes to sit around and talk. I highly recommend Osage Prairie RV park. The owners are super friendly and helpful and make camping there a really enjoyable experience. We were missing two of our members at the Nevada campout. Chris & Bobbi Prinslow couldn't make the trip because Chris had an accident with his bike the previous week. He fractured his pelvis and banged up his elbow.
After an extensive surgery and a week in the hospital, he's back home looking at nine more weeks of walkers and crutches, followed by physical therapy. Hang in there, buddy!

There's been another cancellation in our schedule. The Winnie-Mo-Tasca state rally, which was to be held in Carthage, MO, had to be called off. The rally was to be held September 17-20, but after much consideration and a lot of reluctance, the decision was made to skip the rally this year for safety's sake. We'll look forward to the next state meeting in the spring.

For those who are caravanning to Door County, we'll be leaving on July 16th, first stop the Sleepy Hollow RV Park in Oxford, Iowa We'll meet at the I-35 Rest Area in Kearney. It's for parking only and should accommodate all of our rigs. We'll work out the time and other details as we get closer to departure. The August campout is being hosted by Rick & Cheri Cordt and David & Carla Heckert. This will be at the Lazy Days RV Park in Danville, MO, from the 14-16th. Make your reservations now. Danville is about twenty miles from Hermann, MO, and there are lots of good things to do there.....wineries, shops, wineries, restaurants,
wineries, etc. Information about the RV park reservations for the Oregon Trail caravan is posted here in the newsletter. If there’s any chance at all that you’re making that trip, please make those reservations as soon as possible. We’ve been warned that parks are filling up quickly this year.

We’re starting to fill our schedule for next year. If you liked to host the March luncheon, please let us know. And once again, we still need a secretary

Safe travels & Happy 4th of July!!

Bill Walworth