MO: Chief Winnies

President's Message

Wow, what a month this has been! I hope everyone is doing well and getting all those projects finished up. I know several in our group have been working on their RV’s during this stay-at-home order. By now they should all be working fine and ready to hit the road.

Speaking of hitting the road, we’ve decided to go ahead with our May campout. It will be May 15-17 at Majestic Oaks RV park in Eldon, MO. This won’t be a typical group campout. We won’t be having a potluck or any other shared meals. It will just be a time to get away to a beautiful RV park and enjoy the outdoors. We’ll be social, but will still observe physical distancing measures. The Commons and Emily Merchant are hosting. If you plan on going, or have any questions, please give them a call. We hope to see you there.

GNR has been cancelled, but our summer caravan is still on. We’re waiting to see if the Balloon Fest will still be held. Let Glenn Commons know if you’re interested in joining us. More information about the date, new departure point, etc., will be forthcoming.

The June campout is being hosted by Mark and Twila Chambers at Hannibal, MO. They had several activities planned for our visit, but are now trying to decide which ones will still be feasible and safe. We visited the Mark Twain Cave & RV park a couple of years ago. It’s a really nice park and I would be happy just hanging out there I’ll check back with the Chambers soon and see what decisions they’ve made for that weekend.

The time has finally come. Mike and Nancy Colley are off on their new adventure. They’re taking their coach to California to be sold, and will be spending the month of May at their new snowbird home there. They will definitely be missed. Nancy has done an excellent job as both a
prize-winning newsletter editor and secretary for the last five years. And now, Bobbi Prinslow has stepped up to take on the editor position. I know the newsletter is in good hands with Bobbi. She’ll go above and beyond to make sure it continues to be outstanding. The hunt is still on for a club secretary, so please think again about helping us out there.

Stay safe everyone! We hope to you soon.
Bill Walworth


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