MN: Winnehahas

August 1, 2020

Hello All!

Summer is passing by quickly.  I, for one, am glad to have a reprieve from the hot and humid weather.  We watched our granddaughter’s softball tournament when the heat index was 105!  Her summer season was just three weeks long, but in that short time the team showed improvement.  In the garden, the coneflowers and brown-eyed susans are in full bloom.  We are seeing eagles fly by just about every day.  There are four fawns on the island that we see a few times a week.  A mama robin built a nest on a ledge on the house, and the baby robins flew off this week.  Staying close to home has its benefits…an appreciation of Mother Nature’s wonders.  And we’re getting a lot of outside projects completed.

Our August Winnehahas campout is scheduled to be at the St. Cloud Campground, August 14 and 15th.  Hopefully you have made your reservation if you are planning on attending.  As seems to be the norm this year, there are no hosts, no planned events, and no group meals.

The various other Clubs have other opportunities to get out and about this month, if you are so inclined.  Next week is the Southern Honkers campout to Mystic Lake.  The Northwoods are heading to Bunker Hills (midweek) August 17-20, and the Sundowners will be in Melrose (also midweek) August 25-27.   With the cancellation of the State Rally, the Southern Honkers has moved their October trip to the Marion KOA up to September.  More information is forthcoming on that event.

Vice President Bernie Bauer-Steele is also looking for input on our 2021 Campout Schedule.  We would love to try some new places, or perhaps somewhere the Club hasn’t been in a while.  If you have any suggestions, please let Bernie know at [email protected]

We have several August birthdays:  Dale Sampson, Bernie Bauer-Steele, Dale Johnson, Duane Koehler, Bill Keeler, Judy Krumpel, Gene Aukland, Jim Rademacher, Betty Forsyth, David Mely and Marian Rud.  Happy Birthday to you all!!

I hope you and your loved ones are all staying healthy.  Hopefully next year at this time I will be pulling my hair out, checking my to-do list for the State Rally!!

Stay safe!!

Jean Schuldt

Winnehahas President

[email protected]


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