Indiana Meanderers

Our last outing of the year was held at the Charlarose Lake & Campground near Hillsboro, Indiana on October 13-16. Lori Tindall was the wagon master with help from Jim & Nancy Gineris. It was a very windy and sometimes chilly weekend, but it was sunny. The fall colors in the area were spectacular and we all really enjoyed our first time camping at this campground. There were 15 campers with 27 attendees, which for an October outing was a really nice turnout! Attending the outing were Ron & Peggy Campbell, Mike & Kerry Ely, Mark & Chris Fuller, Jim & Nancy Gineris, Glen & Janet Gish, Jim & Susan Iding, Ron & Tammy Kline, Frank & Monica Lamm, Mike & Ellen McLaughlin, Dorothy Michalak, Mike & Rachel Morrison, Carla Newnum, Gene & Kathy Rieck, Fred & Carol Thomas, and Lori Tindall. Carla also had her cousin Pam May visiting and camping with her Thursday to Saturday. We enjoyed meeting her and hope she can return for another visit someday! 

Carol & Pam

By late Thursday afternoon, most everyone had arrived and were setup. Originally we were supposed to have our pitch-in dinner at the outdoor pavilion, but fortunately for us the nice folks at the campground let us use the building where they hold the Saturday night bingo games so we got to eat indoors. Half the group brought food for the pitch-in on Thursday and the other half brought food on Saturday. We had plenty of food both nights and no one went away hungry! After dinner, there were games in the building. We had two tables of Euchre and one table of Phase 10. The games broke up about 11:00 and people headed back to their campers. There was a red flag warning that the fire department had put out that day so no campfires over the weekend. Friday was a free day to explore or relax around the campground. There were nine that made it to the “boy’s” breakfast at the Chatterbox Café. Then a group of eight of us drove south to Bridgeton to shop and eat at Indiana’s largest festival. Bridgeton is one the towns that participates in the yearly Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. The festival opened on Friday to showcase the county’s 31 historic covered bridges and features authentic arts and crafts, fantastic food, and beautiful fall foliage. It was a beautiful, scenic drive to Bridgeton. We spent four hours there walking, shopping, eating, and enjoying the sunny day. Friday evening we carpooled to Covington and had dinner at the Beef House. According to their website “Family owned & operated, Beef House was established in 1964 and has continued to be operated through four generations of the Wright family. We have named our restaurant "BEEF HOUSE" because we are serving high choice aged beef at moderate prices.” Their homemade rolls are the best! We had a nice area in the back, with great service and enjoyed visiting with everyone while eating a delicious meal. Then, it was a race back to the campground to try to get there before the incoming storm. It got very windy and rained heavily for several hours after we got back. Fortunately, it ended sometime during the night and Saturday morning the sun was shining brightly.

Janet, Kathy & Lori in Bridgeton

Saturday, six of the “boys” went to breakfast at the Old 41 Diner while we “girls” got ready for crafts with Tammy. We met at the building and had great fun decorating Halloween cookies. We always love to do crafts, but especially like the ones we can eat when we’re finished making them! Thanks for the fun craft Tammy! Saturday afternoon several stayed at the campground and relaxed. Ron & Tammy drove to Covington and rode their bikes six miles on the Covington Circle Trail, which provides a partial loop around the city and has awesome views of farmland, wetlands, and small wooded creeks.

The ladies and their cookie crafts

Eight of us drove south to Turkey Run State Park for a little hiking. It was a perfect sunny day for a hike in the park with the fall colors being in abundance. There were lots of people on the trails, kayakers in Sugar Creek, and my pictures didn’t hardly do justice to the amazing sights that we saw. We had another pitch-in dinner on Saturday night with lots of good food and desserts! After dinner, we had the Meanderer meeting. Gene & Kathy won the 50/50 drawing. We have volunteers to host the April and October outings so all the wagon master positions have been filled for 2023! Several folks stayed to play Euchre and Peggy also introduced some to a new game called Dutch Blitz. It was another very chilly, windy evening so no campfire, but still a fun evening. Sunday morning we gathered for an assortment of breakfast goodies and chatted for a bit before saying our goodbyes. It’s hard to believe the camping year is already over. This year has gone by too fast! Thanks to everyone for coming to the October outing and to Lori, Jim & Nancy for hosting. Great job! We appreciated the introduction to a new campground and look forward to returning there another time. Thanks go out to everyone who hosted outings this year and also to the officers of the Who’s Yur Winnies & the Indiana Meanderers. I’d like to offer a special thanks to all the new members who joined us for outings this year and to those who then became part of our extended Winnebago family. We hope to continue to grow both clubs, look forward to many more outings and good times camping together in the future! Safe travels and good health to all!

Turkey Run State Park


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