IL: Cardinal Capers

Big Rock Campground in Sugar Grove was our destination September 10-13. Those present were Frosts, Gastels, Hickses, Dean, Korzuns, Ann, Esther, Watnes, and three new members! We were so glad to welcome Barb and Rudy Albrecht, Ed and Gloria Geske, and Steve and Kathi Meier! They added much to our outing and fit right in! Welcome and we hope to see you in October! 

Thursday started out with pretty good weather but by the time it was time for supper we all ate in our own units and let the rain lull us to sleep. Ann’s son and granddaughter came and spent the night with her. It was great watching the little one having fun exploring the area! Friday morning Toby contacted a worker and had him fix Dean’s electric after we discovered he had been without electricity all night and relied on his inverter for power. It was a laid back morning for everyone and in the afternoon we exchanged white elephant gifts with not much trading (Ann kept hiding her candle), followed by attempts to break a piñata. We took several turns each and finally it was broken by Jim when he literally beat it to death! The candy was good but that was the toughest piñata we had ever seen! Friday night we (Dean went home to have dinner with his family) went out to dinner at Fireside Restaurant in Sugar Grove. We had to wear our masks while entering and leaving the restaurant but not at our tables. It was the first time many of us had been in a restaurant since the pandemic began and we were somewhat surprised when she sat all 20 of us at a long table. We enjoyed sitting by the fire (with wood generously furnished by Dean) after returning to the campground. 

Saturday some members went shopping, while others just sat around and talked. In the afternoon we played Bingo and could take our pick of the great prizes when we won. After our meeting a drawing was held for the remaining chair donated to us by our super sponsors. Korzuns were the lucky winners! A fire was again enjoyed by all. The fires gave us a chance to get to know our new members, which was great! Sunday morning after our finger foods breakfast we headed for home. The weather was sometimes a challenge but the friendships and fellowship more than made up for it!


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