IL: Cardinal Capers

We had a good turnout at the September outing at the Country View Campground in Mukwonago Wisconsin. Members attending included the Wagonmasters - Delores & Jerry Frost, along with Barb & Toby Watne, Richard & Tina Korzun, Ed & Gloria Geske, Kerry & Leticia Swift, and new members, Karen & Larry Hamilton. The club also welcomed first time attendees and new members, Diane Tate, and Jackie Brenchley. Diane is a retired physician, a pulmonologist. Jackie is also retired, formerly a respiratory therapist. They camp in a new Travato camper van accompanied by the entertaining Goldendoodle, Biscuit.

On Thursday, night we had our hot dogs and more cookout over the campfire. The park had a nice building with plenty of picnic tables where we could meet and eat all weekend. On Friday morning we had our business meeting to discuss and vote on the changes to club structure. Afterwards, we were off to visit the little towns in the surrounding area. Many of us stopped at the Elegant Farms to partake of goodies they produce, especially their famous apple pie baked in a brown bag, and we had lunch out at one of the local restaurants. The Friday evening group dinner was at The Cotton Exchange located just down the road from the campground.

On Saturday, several members spent the morning at the Maxwell Street Flea Market to look for those hard-to-find items, antiques, crafts, and specialty items. Potluck was great as usual with a good variety of dishes, and an after-dinner surprise consisted of using pie irons to bake individual pies over the campfire. Dee provided three different fruits for the pies. Some of the newer campers had never heard of them, but the older campers have had them for quite a while and look forward to trying some pizza pies another time. Sunday finalized our weekend, with finger foods for all and a rainy day to head home. Watnes headed to Door County and the rest of us homeward.

Thanks to all that helped Dee with the Wagonmaster duties.


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