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We-Wan-To-Gos Travel To ‘Zuma’ In October

Our special group revisited Montezuma in Poweshiek County October 20-23. We all enjoyed a splendid ‘Indian Summer’ weekend with temperatures reaching 80°.

Unfortunately, only 11 members attended out of 27 for just 41%. Those camping were: Gary & Donna Adams, Lyle & Marrlee Airey, Reggie & Carolyn Andersen, Randy & Karen Corning, Roger & Kathy Cox, Stan & Stella Huber, Dick & Lynda Pawlowski, Bill & Karen Pearce, Paul & Lisa Smidt, Gary & Kris Thompson, Wanda Wendt. Wagonmasters for the event were Andersen, Cox, Huber, and Pearce with much welcomed help from Wanda.

What is becoming a We-Wan-To-Go tradition, the weekend began with a Thursday afternoon happy hour in the campground.

On Friday morning, the group departed for Montezuma for a tour of Colewell Automation. Colewell designs and builds automated systems for manufacturing integrating robots into custom automation equipment. On Friday afternoon we headed out to nearby Lynnville, home of the historic the Wagaman Mill. It was ironic that, just two months before, we had visited a hydroelectric plant newly installed at Lake Red Rock. Here we saw almost 100 years earlier, the same principles of converting water pressure to electricity started back in 1925. The highlight of the Friday evening potluck was the celebration of the We-Wan-To-Go’s 55th birthday with cake and ice cream.

Members celebrating 55 years old
On Saturday morning, the wagonmasters served a waffle breakfast with all the toppings. Then we headed into Montezuma, the City of Monuments, for a walking tour of six memorials situated around the courthouse square.

Members at Freedom Rock

Prior to the afternoon business meeting, Jacki Bolen, Montezuma’s Mayor, welcomed us to her fair city and talked about how trying it is for a small community to provide services to its citizens. Chet & Pat Mower and Paul & Lodema Myers drove in to attend the club’s business meeting. After the business meeting, we elected new officers for 2023-2024. Karen Corning will ascend to the Presidency. Lodema Myers is the new Vice President. Karen Ihnen will be the secretary and husband, Brian Ihnen, is the new treasurer. Lastly, we finally reinstituted an old tradition with the awarding of the golden hitch award. Dick Pawlowski gave the trophy to Vice President Karen Corning for filling in as President in Dick’s absence. Saturday evening, we returned to Lynnville to dine at Valeries.

After the traditional Casey’s doughnuts on Sunday morning, most of us headed home.


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