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President's Message for March 2020

Well, we all had a great time at Guajome Regional Park with the Woosley’s as hosts, a great taco fanfare that won’t be outdone for some time, no doubt! Next stop for our club will be in Desert Springs, one of our longer trips…but will undoubtedly be another great outing hosted by Pat & Melanie, assisted by Sue & Craig! Hope everyone’s up for the trip…we’d like to hear stories about trips folks have planned; we’re heading to Charleston, SC to see our daughter & her husband, then seeing the Shores hometown (sic, Pittsburgh) on the way back through Wisconsin for more family, then Colorado & Arizona to visit more friends on the way back home. Anyone planning on going to the Grand National Rally this year?

Unfortunately, Bruce’ and Janice’s mom passed recently. We’ll miss Lois at the couple club events a year that she attended. RIP, Lois…

Brent and Chuck helped set up the Hammond’s new toad with a toad kit – great support of another club member; thanks, Brent & Chuck!

Making sure you can make those long trips with a minimum of disruptions is key – make sure you give your rig a good checkup and shakedown before making a long trip – make sure your fluids are topped off, and changed at appropriate intervals. You’ll need good brakes, so ensure your brakes are professionally checked at least annually. And make sure you run things in your rig occasionally to make sure all the “options” work, appropriately.

I hope this newsletter finds you, your family & friends well and ready to travel this year! Tell someone how much they mean in your life! We look forward to seeing everyone soon ~ in the meantime, happy trails!

Thanks ~ Dan


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