CA: Lone Cypress Winnitascans

WOW! The LCW outing at GILROY GARLIC USA RV PARK actually happened. Thank you for all that attended and braved the social aspect of our club meeting together. I would like to first recognize how wonderful it was to work with the staff at this RV park. We had to reschedule the date from June to September, waiting for the rules to allow social gatherings. The staff and I were in constant contact working out the details. I thought it was as good as possible. One of the designated RV spaces was set aside for tables and chairs (for out-side gathering). They picked the best space that had shade most of the time. There were a few shade umbrellas that we could adjust where needed. We all made the best of the situation.

I would like to thank our Wagon-masters, Dennis and Karen Campbell, Bill and Cheryl Bisson, and Larry and Laura Leavitt for a great time full of the 3 F's....FRIENDS, FOOD, AND FELLOWSHIP. I also wanted to thank Julie Mangney, Dick and Sue Horton for "dropping in" and visiting...I hope they enjoyed visiting as much as we enjoyed having them visit. We had 2 rigs join us as visitors and leave as MEMBERS. A huge welcome to Donald and Linda Navarini, and Ed Lake & Elaine Carrigan. The usual Thursday night restaurant was cancelled due to covid-19. We instead did have a HAPPY HOUR followed by a salad pot luck. I immediately remembered why we love to meet as a group...The amazing cooks that we have in this club. YUMMY. Friday night events included another Happy Hour, followed by a Pasta Dinner with Garlic Beard, Cesar Salad, and Chocolate Cake.

Some of us were entertained Friday night by witnessing a few police cars staged by the RV park, waiting to break up the 500 car sideshow happening in the Target parking lot. Roaring engines and screeching tires were nothing compared to the loud sirens when the Police made their move. Saturday morning was a pancake breakfast with bacon and sausage. Following Lunch was our meeting time then came Bean Bag Baseball. Saturday Nights dinner was the 9th annual Fish Fry, with Ice cream for dessert. Get away breakfast on Sunday morning included Muffins, Bananas, and Hard Boiled Eggs. Due to no use of Club House Facilities, we had to cancel the Yanks RV outing in Greenfield, and the Holiday Party at Casa De Fruita.

If you are planning an outing to "get out", and you want company, please email me and I will pass on your outing date and location to club members. This is not an official LCW event. Sign ups will be individually set by each person. Not a group outing. As of right now, the only outing on the schedule for 2021 is Gilroy Garlic USA on the weekend of June 3rd-6th.
I want everyone to be safe, and we will all get thru this...

Larry Leavitt
President, Lone Cypress Winnitascans


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