CA: Lone Cypress Winnitascans

President’s Message

A huge thank you goes out to the Lone Cypress Winnitascans who braved the elements, and the threat form State Governor Gavin Newsom, for meeting in large groups while the Corona Virus threatens all. I am so happy to report that we had the most amazing outing at Betabel RV Park in San Juan Batista. The Wagonmasters for this outing in-cluded, Pat and Jerry Brick, Chris and Wayne Rustigan, and Nancy Asche with Don Hill. They did a fantastic job with plenty of food and fun for the Club Members.

I understand that there were a few members that had to cancel due to health reasons, and we really missed Betty and Frank Rausch, and Pat Scarlett. I also want to pass on the Clubs Love and Prayers to Ken Hamlin who recently had a medical emergency.
Thursday Evening’s happy hour started out with Bob Swanson in-troducing his new friend Cathy Murray. Welcome to our LCW family.

I am still stuffed from all of the food we had to sample. When our Club Members put on a Pot Luck, no one walks away hungry. Saturday morning had a Wagonmasters breakfast that included Egg Casseroles, Bacon, Fresh Fruit, and Waffles. On Saturday Night, the Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner was outstanding.

On Saturday, we held our Club meeting, where I was surprised to hear that our "Mystery Friend" has donated another $1,000.00 to the clubs food fund. I do not know who this Mystery Person is, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this.

It was nice to see Julie Mangney show up for this outing, even though she took our $ playing Left, Right, Center. The next Club Outing, set for May 7th-10th at Gold Strike Village in San Andreas HAS BEEN CANCELLED. I hope that we can meet in JUNE?

There are so many unknown factors in the World right now. Please be safe out there, and Wash Your Hands.

Larry Leavitt
Lone Cypress Winnitascans


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