Miller & Sons Golf Cart Rental Form

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Parking Area Descriptions


30 AMP

  • ACCESSIBILITY PARKING - Extended to owners who have physical disabilities preventing their participation in activities unless parked in the accessibility area. For special needs consideration, you must have proof of disability, e.g. photocopy of parking permit, presented upon arrival to Grand National Rally.
  • LOWER D - Large sites/30 amp. Limited number are available.

50 AMP

  • ACCESSIBILITY PARKING - Extended to owners who have physical disabilities preventing their participation in activities unless parked in the accessibility area. For special needs consideration, you must have proof of disability, e.g. photocopy of parking permit, presented upon arrival to Grand National Rally.
  • SECTION E - Large sites. Limited number available. Open to all owners in 36'+ RVs.
  • SECTION C-50 - Large sites, car parking next to coach. Limited number available (70’ x ‘35).

Dry Camping

  • NON-ELECTRIC AREA - Generators may run from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Special Interest & State/Province Row

  • STATE/PROVINCE ROW - All state/province rows open to all owners in 40' or less RVs. If larger, please ask for details. State/province and special interest group parking assignments will be determined after the initial registration deadline. If you plan to park in a state/province or special interest group row, please be prepared to park in a 30 or 50 amp site.
  • CLASSIC WINNEBAGO CLUB - Open to RVs at least 20 years old.
  • COMPACT COACH - Open to Revel, Era, Navion, View, Reyo, Via, Travato, Trend, Fuse, Boldt, Solis, Vita, Porto, EKKO and Viva product owners.
  • HANDICAP CLUB - Open to members of the Handicap Club. Club members will be given first priority in the accessibility parking area.
  • HOOK & HOSE WINNEBAGOS - Open to attendees who are firefighter/EMS/emergency responders.
  • MILWIT CLUB - Open to attendees who are active or retired military and their spouses.
  • NO-TOW BAGOS CLUB - Open to owners of Rialtas, LeSharos/Phasars or '02-'04 Vistas/Sunstars.
  • Winnie Bs - Open to Winnebago Campervan Owners. This includes Revel, Era, Travato, Boldt, and Solis owners.
  • WIT 365 CLUB - Open to attendees living in their unit at least six months out of the year.
  • WIT LEO CLUB - Open to attendees who are past and present law enforcement officers.
  • WIT RADIO CLUB - Open to attendees interested in Radio.
  • WIT RIDERS - Open to motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • WIT RODs CLUB - Open to attendees who own a car or truck at least 25 years old.
  • WIT SINGLES CLUB - Open to singles.
  • WIT TOWS - Open to Winnebago brand towable and SunnyBrook owners. Tow vehicle parking not allowed next to RV, but reserved parking nearby.
Parking Hours and Pre-Rally Rates

Parking Hours:
Parking begins Wednesday, July 21 at noon. Parking will run daily from Noon - 5:00 p.m. until Sunday, July 25. All attendees must be parked by 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

Pre-Rally Parking Daily Rate:
Please note - Your rally fee includes Sunday, July 25.

Winnebago Factory Service FAQ

Need to have factory service done?

  • No scheduled appointments during the 3 weeks of Rally: July 19 – August 6, 2021
  • Call ahead to 866-311-7133 so we can start researching parts requirements
  • Once you arrive in Forest City, you'll want to go to the Factory Service building
    • Our process is First Come First Serve
      • Come to the service desk and sign up as soon as you are able
  • Repair items done in the shop are limited to 7.
    • Watch for your name on the daily posted list of when to bring

Only want to purchase parts?

  • If you plan to pick up parts only (no service)
    • Call 641-585-6949 and we will have them waiting for your arrival.
    • At the parts counter of the Factory Service building
Supplier & Vendor List

2021 GNR Suppliers & Vendors


Automatic Equipment/Blue Ox

Bobee Tech


Coach Net

Cummins (Onan generator)

Defiance Tools





Future Sales (Magnum/Volta)

Habitat for Humanity


Juice Plus



Lithionics Battery




Rallys R Us

Ram Truck


RV Flag Pole Guy

Safe T Plus






Wash Wax All


Winnebago RV Insurance

Winnebago Outdoor Adventures (Fantasy RV Tours)


*Please note that this list is subject to change

2021 GNR Covid-19 Guidelines

Winnebago Grand National Rally Covid-19 Guidelines

In an effort to keep you, our attendees, and Winnebago personnel, healthy and safe regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend (but will not require) that all attendees wear a face covering while indoors, wash or sanitize their hands frequently, and maintain social distancing where possible. Unvaccinated individuals should wear a face covering at all times while indoors, per CDC guidance. Please be aware that there may still be certain circumstances where masks will be required. Attendees who choose to not wear a mask are expected to be mindful of other participants wearing a face mask or covering.

Winnebago personnel, contractors and volunteers will be cleaning tables, chairs, microphones, etc. on a very regular basis. We will have hand sanitizer stations available throughout the grounds as well. Winnebago reserves the right to post protocols limiting the number of people inside our Product Display coaches and will recommend mask use in the product displays when gathering inside with anyone outside your immediate family. We want to lean on the side of caution for your safety. In addition, our food and beverage vendors will be serving in safe ways and we ask that as you share food and beverages in your groups that you also consider current guidelines. Our recommendation is pre-packaged items, but if that is not possible attempt to limit as little sharing of items as possible.

Another effort to maintain safety for 2021, we have capped the event at 750 Registered RVs and will require all attendees to be registered – no daily walk-ins will be allowed on site including anyone wishing to visit the product display. All Winnebago employees, retirees, and event vendors will be required to register in order to attend as well. Therefore, we will not be hosting our annual Forest City Community Night during the 2021 GNR.

Our GNR Planning Team, Winnebago Industries Covid Task Force Team as well as Corporate Safety and Security Teams continue to follow guidance by the CDC and World Health Organization. Our Grand National Rally Team appreciates your cooperation as we continue to navigate the evolving situation and make every effort to host a fun and safe event.

Entry & Parking Details

Entry and Parking Details - 2021 Grand National Rally

The GNR Team and Parking Volunteers strive to do our very best in making sure your entry and parking experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

Initial arrival at GNR

You need to enter through the south gate to check-in and park. This gate is open daily beginning Wednesday, July 21 from Noon - 5:00 p.m. Gates are open from Noon – 5:00 p.m. through Sunday, July 25. The south gate is not open for exit/entry after your initial check-in. 

Entering at Heritage Park:

On Highway 69 S, turn east on County Road B14. You will turn north just past the vehicle dealership. Highway and entrance are well marked.

GPS coordinates are 43.2421390, -93.6342000

Taking Your RV To Customer Service for Repairs or Leaving With Your Tow Vehicle

Use the main west gate of the rally grounds near the River Oaks building. This gate is open 24 hours with security guards. 1007 Highway 69 S, Forest City, IA 50436, which is directly on Highway 69 South.

Re-Entry with RV After Initial Check-In (Customer Service Re-Entry)

Use the Red Barn gate. Make sure you have your Parking Location Card in your windshield visibly displayed for our traffic control volunteer. This gate is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and re-parks from Customer Service will be conducted from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. We will assist you with reparks, as RVs are not allowed to drive on boulevards.

Located at: 1007 Highway 69 S, Forest City, IA 50436

Re-Entry with Vehicle

Use the main entrance on the west side of the rally grounds near the River Oaks building. This gate is open 24 hours with security guards. Make sure to have your car pass visibly displayed. You will not be allowed onto the grounds without it.

Located at: 1005 Highway 69 S, Forest City, IA

We’ve highlighted a few GNR entry and parking reminders below:

  • Please arrive with empty black and gray tanks and a full water tank.
  • Pre-Rally parking may be paid for via credit card at the gate.
  • You will be parked in the order you arrive. If you are traveling to Forest City with friends parking in the same section, please pull onto the GNR South Gate Entrance Road either ahead of or behind them. This will ensure you will be parked close to them. It does not guarantee you will be in the exact order you arrived but will assure you will be close. In the interest of safety, we cannot guarantee you will be awning to awning or side by side.
  • You will not be parked in the same spot or in the same direction you were last year, as you will be parked in the order you arrive. To maintain efficiency, we keep the parking process moving and are not able to accommodate specific location requests. Please be mindful, safety is of utmost importance in this process.
  • Once you are parked we ask you to please not move your coach from where the team parked you. We record where you are parked so we can locate you in an emergency. Please help us in keeping the grounds safe.
  • If you do need to leave your parking spot (Customer Service appointment, etc.), please ask for assistance from someone on the parking team. They will be happy to assist you in leaving your parking spot and getting re-parked when you return.
  • Please remember that the water connections are at the end of the rows. Hoses may be required.
  • And finally, please remember the parking team is made up of volunteers, who are giving up their time to make your visit enjoyable. Your pleasant parking experience is our first priority!
Transportation Rules for the Rally Grounds

Transportation Rules for the Rally Grounds

To ensure the safety of everyone on the rally grounds during pre-rally and the Grand National Rally, here are the rules for transportation:

  • During pre-rally and rally week there will be no car parking by your RV or in the medians and grass areas near the access roads, except in designated areas. You will be required to park in the car parking areas only.
  • The main mode of transportation on the rally grounds during this time period will be gas or electric golf cars, electric mobility scooters with three or four wheels, two-wheeled Segways, bicycles, or the people movers.
  • Only electric mobility scooters with three or four wheels will be allowed inside the buildings, tents, and pavilions.
  • Gas scooters and motorcycles may not be used on the main boulevard, John K. & Luise V. Hanson Blvd., or any blacktop areas. They may be used to enter and exit the rally grounds only.
  • Three- and four-wheeled ATVs, Gators or Kubota-type vehicles will not be allowed to be driven for transportation on the rally grounds in any area. The only exception will be for Winnebago staff or other authorized usage.
  • All vehicles must obey the 5-mph speed limit on the grounds. Vehicles must be driven on the correct side of the road as posted. The walking traffic is also requested to walk on the correct side of the road you share with the above vehicles. Walking traffic has the right of way.
  • The rules will remain the same as in the past for cars on the grounds during the rally. Cars or pickups will not travel the main boulevard at any time. The only exception will be for Winnebago Maintenance, vendor services, or entertainment vehicles, which must have a special vehicle pass.
  • The blacktop boulevard is for pedestrians, golf cars, and people movers. Please pay attention to the signs at both ends of the boulevard and travel in the right direction. The south street is for going to Friendship Hall and the north street is for heading towards River Oaks. Walkers are on the outside of the one-way and golf cars and propelled vehicles on the inside of the one-way. Again, please remember that walking traffic has the right of way. Anyone operating vehicles on the grounds must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Please do not pass the people movers when loading and unloading. People movers are in operation for those who would like or need a ride. They will pick up riders and return riders to their head of row. Please do not park where you would block access to or transportation of the people movers.