Revel driving down a sandy desert road

Built for Rugged, Off-Road Exploring

Built on the robust AWD Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, the Revel is equipped with a turbo-diesel engine and an automatic overdrive transmission, delivering 211 horsepower and over 330 pounds of torque. Exterior accessories, like the new tubular-style running boards and front fairing - that includes dual off-road 10” light bars with a combined 22,000 lumens of light - make the new Revel more adventure-ready than ever.  

Two people sitting by a campfire in front of Revel with sliding door open

Extend Your Travel Season

Embrace the freedom to explore in any season with the Revel. Our 3M™ Thinsulate™ custom insulation, gap-free coverage and high-tech honeycomb composite flooring ensure optimal temperature regulation, keeping you cozy in colder climates. The new hydronic heating system provides multi-zone comfort, while an independent loop sensor prevents your freshwater tanks from freezing.*   

*Winnebago recommends following the winter use guidelines and winterization procedures outlined in your owner's manual whenever camping in freezing conditions.

Woman sitting on comfortable Revel bed

A Smarter Sleep Space

Rest easy with the innovative WinnSleep® mattress technology. And below the power lift bed, you’ll also discover a more thoughtfully designed gear garage. Equipped with (6) 12” L-track bases for secure, flexible storage, and cabinet storage, the new Revel ensures you have room for all your gear. Even better, the bedroom features a thermal privacy curtain to create two separate living areas and provide greater A/C efficiency. 

Revel parked on a rocky desert cliff

Unprecedented Off-Grid Power

Off-grid adventures can last longer than ever with the Revel's enviable new Winnebago Power Max system. Fueled by a Lithionics® GTO battery, the Winnebago by EcoFlow® Power Hub Pro is an exclusive 5-in-1 system that delivers unprecedented off-grid power. Our dual alternator with high-speed charging optimizes energy, beating out the competition for driving, idle, shore and solar power. With up to 16.8 kWh available, you can stay off-grid for up to 7 days. 

Woman putting items in Revel overhead bathroom storage

Innovative Wet Bath Design

This design is all about adding comfort and functionality to convenience. The new collapsible storage containers can be used in the wet bath or throughout the van. And the new split door not only adds a mirror to the space but also adds a privacy panel for a semi-private wet bath.

Revel front to back interior

Interiors With All The Right Touches

Whether navigating challenging terrain or relaxing at a backcountry campsite, the Revel offers a flexible and comfortable living space that effortlessly transforms to meet your needs. Modern decor includes an updated galley with compression-latched cabinets, a revamped lounge area with reclining and split-function seating for added comfort, and new wall-mounted table.

Man washing dishes in Revel sink

Best-In-Class Water Capacity

Our all-new, molded water tank is designed in-house and makes use of every square inch to maximize your water capacity. At 75% larger, it holds an impressive 35 gallons of water, so you can stay off-the-grid even longer.