solis npf storage drawers

SmartSpace™ Overland Drawer System

This durable drawer system provides easy access to gear, and features water resistant surfaces and removable dividers. The passenger-side drawer cover can be raised to use as a comfortable work space or meal prep area, and offers access to the water panel when using the collapsible sink. 

solis npf floor

Ground-Floor Innovation

Innovative padded floor covering increases comfort, provides a non-slip surface that’s easy to clean (just shake it out!), and provides an added thermal barrier for chilly mornings.

solis npf front grill

Increased Performance

Black stylized performance wheels paired with all-terrain tires let you tackle tougher trails, while the factory-installed SumoSprings® Suspension upgrade improves overall control and ride comfort.

family loading up their kayak

Outdoor-Inspired Style

The Solis NPF edition stands out with its special mountain graphic exterior paint scheme, colorful abstract mountain refrigerator graphic, topographical countertop surface, and surf-to-slope inspired embroidered window coverings.

solis npf shades

Blackout Thermal Shades

Cab-window coverings provide near total blackout, and have improved thermal performance.