family hanging out at a campsite outside of their vista motorhome

Enhanced Outdoor Living

The standard armless patio awning overlaps the batwing awning: to provide 2 sides of seamless wraparound protection and 310 sq. ft. of covered exterior living and entertaining space.

birds eye view of Vista NPF solar panels

Upgraded Solar Energy System

Standard 320-amp hour lithium-ion battery, charge controller and 3 solar panels provide 3 times the unplugged power.

Vista NPF interior front to back

Outdoor-Inspired Style

The NPF edition stands out with its special mountain-inspired paint scheme, while its “Town and Country” interior with Salinas oak cabinets and trim provides a special outdoorsy feel reminiscent of our most iconic national parks.

looking out the window of the Vista NPF

Beautiful Scenery

Frameless, tinted windows offer stunning, unobstructed views from your coach.

Vista NPF exterior kitchen

Exterior Kitchen

The Tailgate Package is perfect for entertaining or cooking while chilling outside. The exterior galley includes a refrigerator, sink, LP Quick-Connect for a portable stove or grill, and other convenient accessories.