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Welcome to TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C, a new evolution in RV air conditioning where comfort, efficiency, and precision control come together to provide you with an exceptional travel experience.

TrueAir has set the standard in RV air conditioning systems for years. Now we’ve raised the bar again with an improved, roof-mounted A/C distribution system: TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C. It’s a new and better generation of RV air conditioning technology, replacing our TrueAir Residential Central A/C.

Why change? The advent of new diesel emission standards requires chassis components to be placed in the basement space previously used for our TrueAir compressor package and the future availability of that cooling unit package is in question due to new refrigerant regulations that require larger re-designed compressors (see chassis photo below).

Are all ducts created equal? Not at all. With the exclusive TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C, we employ an advanced ductwork design that ensures consistent, precision airflow throughout the coach. The ductwork is formed rather than routed and possesses a unique D-shape with radiused edges that reduce drag and turbulence as conditioned air travels along the length of the coach (see ductwork graphic below). And with multiple units all operating through a single ducting system, the result is optimal system performance that requires less energy.

To further increase its effectiveness, the rooftop construction employs a custom formed foam core specifically designed for this application — thicker yet lighter weight, stronger with tighter tolerances, and with a higher R-Value — all which translate into superior efficiency and temperature control. Top all this technology with a multitude of precision control vents and you will be assured a perfectly controlled interior climate.

Ready for bedtime while your traveling partner is going to stay up and enjoy a movie in the living area? With the TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C’s dual-zone climate control, you can easily navigate temperature control settings from a single precision thermostat. On those balmy summer evenings, you can turn off the rear A/C unit for quieter sleep environment while still enjoying the benefit of a cool interior climate thanks to the full-length ducting. Dual-zone control ensures optimal environmental control and the true residential comfort you’ve come to expect with all Winnebago Industries’ products.

Low-profile high-efficiency Polar Mach compressors incorporate improved heating and ventilation system technology to generate 13,500 BTU performance using less space and energy than previous 12,000 BTU compressors. The result is better cooling with less energy.

Where typical RV rooftop air conditioning units are infamous for the trail they leave behind — condensation dripping down the coach and sidewall streaking that is — TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C actually pumps rooftop condensation directly to the ground.

TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C incorporates an advanced heat pump system that can provide supplemental heat as needed without running the furnace, reducing LP usage.

TrueAir Maximum Comfort A/C roof-mounted cooling units are secured with spring compression fasteners. This spring-tensioned mounting technology provides superior quality mounting and security ensuring tight seal compression for the long haul.

With easy access from within the coach, your filters can be quickly removed and washed or replaced.

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